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China's domestic ticket (Plane and Train)

Business vision and many years of business in China, providing full and dominant team in China and Iran And talks with China's aviation and travel services company in China has the possibility of issuing any tickets.

Hotel Reservation

Do not worry about hotel reservations, hotel'd like to travel to China can now easily choose the commercial aspirations and advice.

China Business Visa

Normal visa services: 1.tourist visa 2.Business visas 4.Student Visa 3.Work permit 5.Visa crew 6. journalism 7.Transit visa 8.permanent residency

The most important
communications tool

Exhibitions are the most important means of communication in the modern era. Even the emergence of digital technologies also failed to show efficacy for those looking for a product, a service or a technology the researchers said. The importance of exhibitions in some circumstances further. Such conditions are met:

Residents of the city or the country in which the product or service you're looking for, to speak a different language or cultural differences feel great.

Search the desired location due to the great distance or any other problem for you is time-consuming and thus costly.

Your communication is limited or do not have access to communication tools.

Validation of individuals and companies is difficult for you.

To compare the cost, quality and comfort do not have to make your decision.

Unfortunately, all of the above is true in the case of China and Iranian businessmen.
Fortunately, China has many exhibits that requires you undoubtedly will meet any demands.

China annually more than 700 exhibitions with different subjects and in different parts of the country held And many visitors spend much less in the same way and also faster, more reliable and easier to do what they want.

Arman due to the increasing importance of accurate and interactive exhibits for a business relationship with any country, especially China all exhibitions in this country is trying to introduce simple and practical environment.

Paradise Business

Canton Fair one of the world's largest trade fairs in the spring and fall of each year from 1957 to be held in Guangzhou, China. In 2007, the full name of the exhibition "Exhibition of China's export products" was changed to the China Import and Export Fair, but all the exhibition called Canton Fair, you know. Home host the exhibition Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the Governor of Guangdong and organizer of the exhibition center outside China.

Canton Fair is China's largest trade exhibition and the largest trade fairs in China, the most diverse products, has the highest number of participants and the largest number of business deals. As one of the world's most important trade fairs, ceremonies and events held on the sidelines of the exhibition.

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